Dynamic Experience

Dynamic Experience

ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE! We carefully select the drills for each class and the music (whether R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae or Pop) that compliments the drills. With energetic music, fun drills, and inspiring instructors you won't even realize you are working out. Our goal is for you to leave each class with endorphin rush and incredible energy that empowers you to conquer the rest of your day. We also give health tips at the end of class that elevates our class experience to the next level.

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Dynamic Community

Dynamic Community

At Dynamic, you are not just a number! It's a place where you feel part of a community. We encourage each other achieve our fitness goals by holding each other accountable. We are dedicated to build relationships and create experiences that build strong bonds. Our studio is unique...each member is greeted by their name when they arrive at our facility. We celebrate birthdays and important life achievements together. It is truly a Dynamic family.

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Dynamic Instructors

Dynamic Instructors

Our instructors are all nationally certified. They create their playlists meticulously to make each spin class fun at the same time a great workout. They give special attention to first time riders by ensuring the proper postioning on the bikes as well as encouraging new riders to go on their own pace. Our Dynamic team's passion is to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Watching each client breakthrough milestones makes every sweaty workout worth it.

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About the founder

Her work as a clinical researcher primarily focused on obesity as well as 10 years work experience in a cardiology practice makes Dr. Seday an elite in the health and fitness arena. With her vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Seday decided to focus on disease prevention and health promotion. This is the primary reason she wanted to open a cycle studio where her customers can experience a great class as well as have a one-on-one consultation for their health and fitness goals.

Seday's journey into the cycling world began about 11 years ago when she stepped in her very first cycling class. There was something about that experience that was entertaining, heart-pounding and motivating workout that she was searching for. Determined to give the same experience to others, she got her certification as an indoor cycling instructor in 2007. She is excited to open Gwinnett's first boutique Cycle Studio, to share her love of cycling with others.

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New to spin class?

Yes, spinning classes can look intimidating! On video clips, it look like everyone goes super fast on the bikes. Do not worry! At Dynamic Cycle Studio, we take the extra measures to make sure that new people are comfortable by:

  • taking time to set up each new person on their bikes
  • encouraging everyone to go on their own pace
  • providing gel seat cushion for new people as needed
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Bridal Fitness

Your wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations you will have. You should feel like a million dollars walking down the aisle. Whether you have one month or one year before your big day, it is never too late (or too early) to get in shape. To help you prepare for your big day, we have a fitness program that includes resistance and cardio training as well as cardio specifically designed for brides.

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Why Spinning?

Are you new to working out and always wanted to try a spin class? Do not be intimidated! In our classes are all fitness levels including beginners. Everyone goes on their own pace.

Besides burning calories in a short amount of time (45 minutes class), indoor cycling has many benefits, including: cardiovascular health, improves mental health, promote building endurance, and safer on the joints.

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Interested in becoming a cycle instructor?

We offer in-house trading for inspiring cycle instructors.