About the Founder

Her work as a clinical researcher primarily focused on obesity as well as 10 years work experience in a cardiology practice makes Dr. Seday an elite in the health and fitness arena.

Dr. Seday's story...."I stepped into an indoor cycling class for the first time about 13 years ago…there was something about that experience I will never forget. It was fun and at the same time a great workout. I will be honest, the seat was uncomfortable. But by my third time in the class, the seat was no longer an issue. To me, cycle class is more than just being on the bike to pedal, but it has been my refuge from a stressful job and life. I can have the most aweful day going into class but there is something about being on the bike and pushing yourself that is therapeutic and soul cleansing.

From there, I got my certification to teach. I have been teaching now for 12 years. I can truly say I found my passion in life. I love motivating and encouraging people to reach their fitness goals. My training in the medical field, specifically as well as my extensive research on obesity related studies, I feel it gives me that unique advantage to explain the effects and mechanism of exercise on the body to my students. Having a vast experience in both the medical and fitness industry allows me to create a workout program and provide a nutritional guidance tailored to each individual.

My goal is to provide an amazing and dynamic experience in each and every class where my students are motivated, entertained but most importantly educated to pursue a healthy lifestyle."

Welcome to Dynamic Cycle Studio!

The Dynamic Community

At Dynamic, you are not just a number! It's a place where you feel part of a community. We encourage each other achieve our fitness goals by holding each other accountable. We are dedicated to build relationships and create experiences that build strong bonds. Our studio is unique...each member is greeted by their name when they arrive at our facility. We celebrate birthdays and important life achievements together. It is truly a Dynamic family.

Class schedule

The Dynamic Experience

Its all about the experience!Feel the dynamic difference! With energetic music, fun drills, and inspiring instructors you won't realize you are working out. Our goal is for you to leave each spinning class with endorphin rush and incredible energy that empowers you to conquer the rest of your day. ALL CLASSES ARE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS INCLUDING BEGINNERS.

  • Aurora is a 6 am class to jump start your day with heart pumping 45-minute performance style class.

  • Mid-morning Vibe is a 45 minutes class at 9:30am focusing on endurance, strength and speed drills.

  • Optimize is a class with challenging workout using various drills including high intensity interval training, hills and endurance.

  • Pulse is a cardio party with choreographed rhythm using upbeat music.

  • Rhythm with Blue is a class led by instructor Ted Blue, riding to the beat of high energy music. Light hand weights are incorporated into some of the drills during class.

  • Ride & Core is a 40 minute high intensity cycling class followed by a 20 minutes abs & core workout. *offered only on Thursdays @6:30pm

  • Positive Vibez is a class focused primarily on interval drills. Great start for beginners.

Class Schedule

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