Nutrition Consultation

One-on-one nutritional consultation

  • $70 per session
  • 4 sessions minimum
  • 2 hours initial consultation
  • Meet once a week for 1 hour, by appointment only
  • Access to nutritional workshops with no additional cost
  • Body composition analysis
  • Evaluation of challenges to achieving health goals including eating patterns, exercise routine, and stress management
  • Unlimited text messaging access for questions

Group Nutritional Sessions.

  • $85 for the entire 6 weeks program
  • Meet once a week for 1 hour every Saturday at 8:30am at Dynamic Cycle Studio
  • Format: 30 minute lecture, 20 minute Q&A, followed by the weekly challenge
  • Multiple topics of discussion including:

                 * Why do I crave sweets?

                 * Supplements, detox/cleansing, fasting?

                 * Which diet..Keto, Paleo, Low-fat?

                 * Truth about artificial sweeteners

                 * What's in a seal: Organic, Non-GMO, etc

                 * Stress management

And many more topics...