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Kathelene C : 5See the source imageThis is the best workout! I thought it would just exercise my legs but I was wrong! It is core, legs, butt, endurance all kinds of stuff. A total work out! I love it!"

Jessica J5See the source image"Wonderful and supportive atmosphere and reasonably priced! Seday truly cares about each individual that steps in her door. Glad to be part of a cycling community."

Mike P : 5See the source image"The instructors are all top notch. The location and studio are great; plenty of parking and near both GA 316 and I-85N/S easy to navigate to. I love the class and highly recommend joining."

Dennis B: 5See the source image"This place is awesome! The instructors work you hard but they remind you that “this is your workout” and give you modifications for moves that may be too advanced for you. This is also a no judge zone because everyone from all fitness levels are there! We inspire each other and it’s a place you get excited to attend. Come one come all...try it out. Resolve to ride!"

Marcus T: 5See the source image" Amazing class. The instructors are fun, energetic and motivating. Definitely recommend."

Eric L: 5See the source image" Great class! Studio is very clean and has a positive energy. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area!"

Magen O :5See the source image" Gorgeous facility that creates a Fitness Experience that is indeed Dynamic! The instructors, Lights and music gave me such a good workout, I zoned out and forgot about time!"

Aisha V: 5See the source image" Seday is very loveable and Awesome,The instructors are very Awesome as well"

Bee J: 5See the source image"The ambiance is great. Dark with accent lights, makes me feel like I’m in a night club. The instructors are what set this place apart. They are upbeat, encouraging, motivating, knowledgeable, and they’re fit themselves. I joined last month and go to class 2-3x week. Looking forward to trying out Zumba and Yoga too, to switch up my routine. The owner Seday is very active and always present. Her leadership and love of people pursuing their best health is evident. Give it a try, you’ll return for another class! Guaranteed."arranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

Sheila F: 5See the source image" Dynamic Cycle's Studio's intimate facility is lovely and welcoming. Seday always greets you when you arrive and thanks you when you leave, And, the workout is just the right mix of challenging but motivating, allowing me to develop at my own pace. The atmosphere rocks with exiting, pumpin' music. It's a great value, competitive with other facilities in the area. It's only been a month but Dynamic Cycle has changed my life."

Elena M: 5See the source image"Awesome studio, with awesome instructors. The location is extremely convenient if you live in the Gwinnett area. The music, atmosphere and customer care/support is top notch! Seday really does make every one of her customers feel like a part of her family. She cares immensely about the progress of our health while providing us with incremental resources to assist in our wellness journeys! Not to mention, the bikes have some of the most comfortable seats I have sat on during a cycling class, even though you won't be sitting for long! Also the newly added Zumba classes add variety and make it a perfect one-stop show for all your cardio needs!"

Natalie S: 5See the source image"Confession time: I drive 20 minutes pretty much weekly to go to Dynamic Cycle’s classes. They are so much fun and such a great work out, and even as a semi beginner I’m able to follow along and make it work for me.

Willa F:  5See the source image: "What an awesome experience with superstar Seday this morning! I highly recommend Dynamic Cycle Studio for a full energy, clean, high intensity, yet intimate and cozy experience. From Beginner riders to Novice riders, you will fit right in. I'll definitely be back and bring a few friends! Oh and did I mention that it's conveniently located for Gwinnett County residents?"

Sheena-sade W5See the source image" Well I went to this studio with so much excitement to see something like this in the Gwinnett County area. When you first come through that door you are greeted with some southern hospitality. The owner and the instructors energy is contagious that makes you want to jump on a spin bike and conquerer the world. The class will make you move and groove while getting an amazing workout. This studio has a family feel that wants to continue to motivate everyone in the personal fitness goals. They all have a story. GWINNETT WAKE UP!!!! You have a hidden gem right here. All fitness levels are welcome. Looking for a start to health and fitness this is were you want to be. Don't take my word for it, GIVE IT A TRY!"

Leslie M:5See the source image"This was my first experience doing cycling. The owner was sooooo welcoming and personable. The class was a challenge but no pressure to go beyond my limitations. Like everything about Dynamic cycling..oh except the booty pain..lol. getting some padded biking shorts asap."

DiOnna C5See the source image"Had an awesome time working out with my cousin. Owner/Instructors/Staff friendly and personble. When in town will definitely be back." Do you have customer service?

Vanessa R: 5See the source image"Love this place! I've been looking for spin classes and someone told me about this place! Walk in and see Seday Samuel, a familiar face from spin past! FANTASTIC! Seday is a great teacher, owner and just a kind soul! Looking for a beautiful place to workout, great music (a must for me!) and want to feel like you can trust the place? This is it!!! See you in spin class!!!"

Cathy S5See the source image"This is a great cycle studio for new and experienced riders as well as everyone in between. The equipment, sound, and instructors are all top notch! If you're looking for a great work while having fun at the same time, then this is for you. I highly recommend you give Dynamic a try."

LaToya N: 5See the source image"Seday is an amazing instructor! The music is always on point which can help you get through class. You'll be so busy getting a great/fun workout that you won't even realize how much time has passed. She is also so very helpful. She took the time out of her day to help me make sure that I purchase the right kind of shoes for class. She was very detailed in the reasons why I should get a certain type of shoe. If you're looking for an awesome class look no further. This place is a must try, I promise!"

Susan G5See the source image"This was my very first spin class! Sure, I had used exercise bikes at the gym in the past but this was nothing like that! These bikes are fully decked out and you can personalize the bike to your own body structure. The class was amazing! The lighting & music created a fun, energetic atmosphere. Our instructor was absolutely awesome; she knew everyone's name and shared her infectious energy with the whole class! I would highly recommend this studio!!"

Sandra J: 5See the source image"I love Dynamic Cycle! All the instructors are amazing! The music is great and most of all a great place to workout! The owner Saday Samuel is very knowledgeable about cycling & will also make sure you will get the full package by offering nutritional consultation as well."

Lynette B:5See the source image"Seday is truly a blessing!! It is so refreshing to meet an entrepreneur who shares their Faith Walk that is evident when you are speaking with you. She care about YOU and Connecting with YOU!! The music it great. I will be going back over, and over, and over again!!! YOU SHOULD TOO!!"

Debby S:5See the source image"This is a great place to be! If you want a full body workout with an awesome team, you want to be at Dynamic Cycle Studio. The Instructors are extremely talented so you get a challenging and rewarding workout every time ! 👍🏽👍🏽"

Alyce F: 5See the source image"Seday is the real deal. With longtime experience in spin and several years in the medical field, she knows not only how to lead a fun and energetic spin class, but also an effective one. She knows how to structure the class and moves to challenge your body to change. I simply cannot recommend her enough; her spirit and expertise make for a fantastic workout!"

Tracey T: 5See the source image"I decided to try the cycling class to change up my cardio routine. And that was the best decision ever. I absolutely LOVE this class and Dynamic Cycling studio"

Nickie G:5See the source image"I've gone to 2 classes now and I absolutely love it! The vibe is great and the music keeps you pumping! I decided to join come with me!"

Jessica R: 4See the source image"I love playing sports but am not a huge spin fan. HOWEVER, I was very impressed by the workout I got. This class was worth checking out. The facility is squeaky clean with state of the art spin bikes. Seday is a wonderful instructor and today's workout is making me look at spin classes in another light."

Shawneka B5See the source image"Great instructors run high energy classes. You will get a great workout and burn those extra calories. Seday provides health and wellness education to help you meet your fitness goals."

Kathlene C: 5See the source image" This is the best workout! I thought it would just exercise my legs but I was wrong! It is core, legs, butt, endurance all kinds of stuff. A total work out! I love it!"

Winnie A: 5See the source image" Seday has many years experience in cycling. So proud of her! The cycle studio is in a great location and has some of the best instructors! I had a blast at the last events!"

Kimberly B: 5See the source image" Love this place! Seday, the owner, is amazing. My favorite class is Monday night, Rhythm with Blue."

Sandy P: 5See the source image" Great cycle studio with an awesome teacher. Seday's class will test your strength, endurance all while she makes it fun. She genuinely cares for her students, gets to know them on a personal basis. Love her and her studio."

Trina C:5See the source image"The absolute best workout I’ve ever had. The best support system, clean friendly and respectful environment. I love Dynamic Cycle Studio"

Laura K: 5See the source image" Community feel, beautiful space, serious workout! Love this place!"

Mary F: 5See the source image" Awesome class!! You will feel the burn and feel better after knowing you burned plenty of calories. It's a total lifestyle change!❤️"

Tamara L: 5See the source image" My first cycling class it was awesome instructor/owner is knowledgeable and motivates you through the class I will be buying additional classes for sure I attended 3 this week loved them so."

Randee M: 5See the source image" Such a fun place to workout! The staff are incredible!"

Susan C: 5See the source image "Seday is phenomenal! It never fails - I walk out of Seday's classes feeling better physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. My day is always brighter after beginning it with ROCKstar Seday."

Patrice L: 5See the source image" Loved it!!! Very happy they are in Duluth. Christian, loving environment."

Terri B: 5See the source image" I enjoyed my first class tonight! Seday is an awesome instructor!"

RoLanda V: 5See the source image" Enjoyed the spin session with Seday. Professional, positive vibes, VERY welcoming environment and great a workout."

Calvin W: 5See the source image" Love it the Best Cycle Studio in Duluth hands down."

Paige T: 5See the source image" Awesome opening. Allowed me to be a vendor, get notoriety and promote business. Cycling classes filled fast. Great turnout!!! Congrats Seday!"

Danielle P: 5See the source image" Had an awesome workout! It kicked my butt! I will be back with backup!;)"

Denise L: 5See the source image" Seday is awesome. State of the art studio. Awesome music and a workout like no other."

Stephen P: 5See the source image"Seday is the best! Great bikes and super motivating music."

Alicia Z: 5See the source image" Really nice studio, clean, fun, great workout. Energetic instructors who help motivate you!"

John B: 5See the source image" Worse exercise place I ever stepped into. Go at your own risk. The woman only wants your money and nothing else."

Nish M: 5See the source image"I have taken lots of spin classes but todays class ranked #1. Ted was AWESOME! I feel like I had a total body workout today!!!!"

Ashley L: 5See the source image" Great instructor and very comfortable environment."